A birthday celebration🎉🍾

My sister turned 50 yesterday – a milestone birthday. I can no longer lie about my age to our shared friends and acquaintances!  

Elaine very kindly invited us to join the celebrations and we made an early start to Brighton. We stopped off near  Crawley for lunch at the Heathy Farm pub although I misread that as Healthy initially! Bloody lenses 👀 

We continued our journey and arrived in the rain to Jane and Elaine earnestly completing tasks for the party. We had a tea break where I presented Elaine with a scrapbook of photos over the last 50 years. Much laughter ensued with memories to the fore of our wonderful childhood.

Food prepped, faces made up we awaited the guests. They were laden with food or alcohol. Joe was mixologist for the start of the evening and I tried a fair few! 

The evening was full of laughter, singing, and on occasion dodgy dancing. Elaine is a great sister, she is also a great boss, friend, and partner. Loved and respected and it was a pleasure to share in her joy and happiness as she begins her sixth decade!

Elaine and I are very different in so many ways but that is why, I feel, we appreciate the differences and compliment each other. We share mannerisms, a wicked sense of humour and affection for our family that will bind us forever. 

I fell into my sleeping bag on the couch after 2:30 with the alarm set for 5:30! 

I feel tired but no hangover or any ill effects which is great and considering my age – not bad at all! 

Published by Monica Mommo

Life is for living, loving and enjoying all that this world has to offer 💕🍾🌟👠💐🍰🏈🎾🏏🎼✈️

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