AY 2019/20

First week of the new academic year and it’s felt longer.

Perhaps having no real break means you don’t feel that you’ve got to get back in the swing?

Last weekend we made a start on decluttering the loft: not much progress made, but we at least have started!

I have painted the face on and tried my best this week, with some success, but still a way to go.

Today featured a walk, household chores, cooking for the week, and I didn’t stop until after 5pm, so really productive!

It must’ve been the vegan breakfast.

The house smells divine, fingers crossed it stays like this.

I hope to build on this positivity and the resulting energy boost.

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  1. Any old cricket books you want to ‘declutter’, let me know. I may be able to take them off your hands (and a donation to charity)!


    1. Monica Mommo says:

      Thanks Bruce. Those in the photo are going to Debbie. I’ll keep an eye out for more


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