Making a difference.

I have been unwell over the last few days, which in no small measure, is due to my anxiety over today and the memorial mass for a much loved teacher I have sourced some fantastic pieces and met some fantastic craftsmen. The family planting the Himalayan acer The benches  by Martin Cook and his sonContinue reading “Making a difference.”

Mother’s Day 2017

I’ve had such a lovely weekend…. Saturday was relaxing with a trip to Michaela’s followed by afternoon tea at Dandelion and Burdock in Stock. Since her career change in August, it has been so lovely to have weekend time with Georgina, and yesterday was no exception. After the scrumptious fare, and as it was aContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2017”

Do something that scares you

I recently applied for a job and from 17 applicants, I was one of seven shortlisted.  Interview details were shared and whilst daunted, I was ready to accept the challenge.  As interview day drew close, I was tempted to withdraw, but they say do something that scares you, and it did.  To have to goContinue reading “Do something that scares you”

Morse code…

Today I had my nails painted by the wonderful Yas and she was telling me that she recently attended her great granpops funeral – he was 99. She said she never realised so much about his life and was proud to hear so much that was recounted.  She said he had been something to doContinue reading “Morse code…”