Snow Day

We have been warned about the Beast from the East, an extreme weather forecast with snow, freezing temperatures and all the chaos that can bring! I received the first text just after 5:30am and got up and left for work at 6:40. Roads were treacherous in places, the car drifted and flurries of snow wereContinue reading “Snow Day”

A trip to the City

Today I travelled up to London on a beautiful sunny day to a reunion of a few from the Bank that I used to work at. The bank closed in 1990 but my memories of working there are so fond. Wonderful people, and I met Kevin there with a job I loved. I know thereContinue reading “A trip to the City”

January-sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me….

2018 has been momentous so far, and January has seemed very long, but February has settled in nicely and hopefully Spring is around the corner! The last ten days have been very busy at work and there hasn’t been much time to do much. Last year at this time we were preparing to go toContinue reading “January-sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me….”