The Big Apple November 2015

Not sure where to start with this and I have so many photos to choose from but sunset from the ESB was immense!   I have wanted to visit NYC probably for the last twenty five years or so with certain sites, shopping and just being in NYC the draw. How different it has been fromContinue reading “The Big Apple November 2015”


This week another week of highs and lows. Jay home from hospital, then back to hospital, then home again! Great news about Lis securing employment from February. She is so humble and absolutely brilliant, I’m sure she’ll make a real difference to those young lives and their families facing heartbreak and possibly their greatest challenge.Continue reading “Consequences”

In sickness and in health

Last week certainly threw a curved ball with Jay, nina’s boyfriend and Jane, Elaine’s spouse in hospital. Both share the same birth date, just a coincidence I’m sure!      As we waited for news it was good to see the well wishes received for their swift  return home. Jane was home by friday, Jay onContinue reading “In sickness and in health”