The other side of the coin…

Heard on Friday that a teacher at school and his wife were safely delivered of a daughter. That’s the news I’ve been hoping for. New life, and the hope and optimism it brings with it. Dreams and plans for the family and future open up. But how quickly it goes. Terrible twos, teenage dirtbags, allContinue reading “The other side of the coin…”

See good in something every day…..

Such sadness over the last few weeks both privately and publicly! There is a need for happier, joyful news……    My dear friend, Debbie, posted the above today and it is so true. It is better to look for something to smile about than dwell on the sadder elements of life. I have decided forContinue reading “See good in something every day…..”

Flower of Scotland

Yesterday brought sad news, once again, that a very special teacher at school, had passed away. Tony Ward had suffered a stroke whilst on a field trip on the 21st March and spent his remaining days in hospital, surrounded by family and friends. He appeared to rally, then falter, rally and then pneumonia set in.Continue reading “Flower of Scotland”

Celebration of life

I have been dreading today as it was the day that I would say farewell to my dear friend Sian. Her mum had said that they wanted to celebrate her life and that was achieved in no small measure. The tributes began with her brother Aled recanting stories from her younger years and beyond. TheContinue reading “Celebration of life”

My friend Sian

Today brought the saddest news that my dear friend Sian had lost  her monumental battle against cancer. What can I  say, she believed she could beat this and did all she could to try. I have been in awe of her courage and the support and love that her family and friends have given. AnContinue reading “My friend Sian”

Rome, history and rugger

Since booking flights etc to Rome and the tickets for the Italy v Scotland game, my anticipation has been palpable.  The trip was another part of Elaine’s 50th birthday celebrations and it has been wonderous!     Arriving on Thursday afternoon at our hotel , Kevin and I went for a trip into the city toContinue reading “Rome, history and rugger”