Parental guidance

For mum’s 80th birthday we bought her an iPad and to her credit she has coped wonderfully with the technology. We rarely speak on the phone these days, preferring FaceTime and that provides the opportunity to see each other too. Oh and occasionally I enjoy the waist high view of my Dad! 

Mum sent me a picture from Sunday and it is lovely.

Hard to believe they are octogenarians and reading an article today about Sophia Loren has made me reflect. Mum is the same age as Sophia and has always felt an affinity with her and boy my mum scrubs up as well as Sophia, without the, perhaps, cosmetic assistance miss Loren may have had!  

 In the article Sophia said that when she was 20 she didn’t think that one day she would be 80. But she is, as are my parents :they are lucky and we are blessed that they are still with us and in good health! 

They have certainly enjoyed their new home in Scotland for the last 11 years, moving back to their birthplace. 

There are twists and turns, highs and lows  in life but with close family, no matter how far apart they may be, we can always give support and love. It is a privilege to have both my parents to share and still make memories with. They will spend a few days with us in April and I am looking forward to it immensely. 

Kevin is fortunate that his mum at almost 76 is alive, as is his Nan at nearly 95. 


His dad died 26 years ago at 54 and we feel that loss every day , although there are times when you feel it more keenly. We often talk about what he would’ve thought about how all his grandchildren have grown, their life choices , and John would have been so proud of them.

When Andrew and Lis got engaged my dad said that when they were born he never expected that he would be around to see the children as adults, and certainly not married. How wonderful that he has and that he went to Australia for their wedding. 

The longevity has hopefully been passed on to Kevin and I so that we can be a part of our three’s lives, and have health to enjoy our own. 

The last few weeks have shown we can’t take this for granted as cruel twists of fate can intervene at any time.

So my parental guidance is smile, be happy, follow your dreams and share your life with those you love, laugh and make memories! 

Published by Monica Mommo

Life is for living, loving and enjoying all that this world has to offer πŸ’•πŸΎπŸŒŸπŸ‘ πŸ’πŸ°πŸˆπŸŽΎπŸπŸŽΌβœˆοΈ

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