Where is this year going🤗

Can’t believe that there is less than a week left in March, and next week is Easter! Whilst I have a few things booked over the coming months, we haven’t booked a holiday and Kevin is being very reluctant about his 60th birthday celebrations🤔 So I guess I will just get something sorted! I haveContinue reading “Where is this year going🤗”

Final six nations weekend 2018

For the last few years I have attended at least one of the six nations matches, but not this year….. So on the final weekend we made the trip to Brighton to watch all three matches with my sister and Jane. The weather was inclement but roads were fine. We were going to eat foodContinue reading “Final six nations weekend 2018”

Thank you

Twists and turns a plenty this week, trying to balance the budget. It’s been stressful and after months of sleeping well, these last few weeks have provided sleep deprivation. One of the ways to try to balance the budget is not to replace staff who have left: never an easy decision. Even harder is toContinue reading “Thank you”

The first of three weddings in 2018

Yesterday we attended the first of three weddings we have in 2018. Kevin and I made our way to Royston and checked into our hotel to change into our finery! I took three outfits and two pair of tights, both which ran as soon as I carefully put them on, resulting in a bare leggedContinue reading “The first of three weddings in 2018”