Rome, history and rugger

Since booking flights etc to Rome and the tickets for the Italy v Scotland game, my anticipation has been palpable.  The trip was another part of Elaine’s 50th birthday celebrations and it has been wonderous!     Arriving on Thursday afternoon at our hotel , Kevin and I went for a trip into the city toContinue reading “Rome, history and rugger”

A birthday celebrationšŸŽ‰šŸ¾

My sister turned 50 yesterday – a milestone birthday. I can no longer lie about my age to our shared friends and acquaintances!     Elaine very kindly invited us to join the celebrations and we made an early start to Brighton. We stopped off near  Crawley for lunch at the Heathy Farm pub althoughContinue reading “A birthday celebrationšŸŽ‰šŸ¾”

ļ»æCalcutta cup

  So a long weekend was in front of us to go to murrayfield for the Calcutta cup. Not the best of starts to be told our train ‘wasn’t happening’ by a gentleman who was to customer service what genghis Khan was to UN peace. A stop at Carlisle for an hour to await our busContinue reading “ļ»æCalcutta cup”

One twelfth of 2016 gone!

So that was January and  we have celebrated a couple of birthdays wth my successful completion of dry January!       We celebrated Joe’ s birthday last Thursday at the giggling squid, with a few giggles of our own!       This was closely followed by a night out on Monday , courtesy of groupon.Continue reading “One twelfth of 2016 gone!”