Where did last week go..

Last week was half term, although I was in school for a few days. I relish the solitude and opportunity to work uninterrupted. You achieve so much and it’s also great to take stock, tidy up my desk and do filing. Progress to finish the sixth form block is slow, but should be complete toContinue reading “Where did last week go..”

A different corner

It is 36 years ago to the day Kevin and I got engaged. Time has flown by! Tonight we watched ‘Freedom’ the George Michael documentary, and I feel quite sad about such a talented man who appeared to have enjoyed only fleeting glimpses of happiness in his personal life. A voice of such depth, andContinue reading “A different corner”

World mental health awareness day….

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I always seem to have a dip in my mental state. Is it the end of summer?Is it the darker nights?Is it the colder weather?Is it the tank running low? Any of or none of the above, I just don't know. Whatever itContinue reading “World mental health awareness day….”

Coral and warmth

This weekend we embarked on a bit of a celebratory route. Friday night and a trip to Covent Garden and Clos Maggiore- billed as the most romantic restaurant in the world no less! We were joined by friends Bev and Neil and it was superb. The food, the atmosphere, the service: all top notch! SaturdayContinue reading “Coral and warmth”