This week has been a strange one, lots of excitement and opportunity and not much time to get things done. Early mornings and late nights with a foray into the unknown. A night at home with Kevin spending time with his mum, an opportunity for reflection. This week I’ve been told I’m scary at work,Continue reading “Perceptions”

Surprise, surprise

And still the surprises keep coming this year! Some unexpected news at work meaning opportunities and challenge. Great to look holistically at situations. Watching our children grow into the adults they have become is awesome. We have caught up with good friends this week, where laughter and food have been plentifully enjoyed. Good news quiteContinue reading “Surprise, surprise”

2018 so far

The year is only 14 days old and it has brought surprises aplenty and excitement too! A visit to reacquaint my parents with Marion, my second mother in law, after, we guess, 8 1/2 years. Bouts of “Aussie” flu for me, Kevin and joe! The decorations came down last week and this past week hasContinue reading “2018 so far”