A trip home…

A message earlier this month from my Mum breaking the news of my dad’s younger brother’s death was a bolt out of the blue. A call last Thursday, 10th, saying the funeral was on the 17th meant a few internet logins with return tickets purchased and time off in lieu agreed. My Dad is theContinue reading “A trip home…”

A tale of two Abigails

Friday meant an early leave from work and a trip to Brighton. The journey down was good and we took a taxi into the city to meet Mark and Matt to enjoy dinner at Cote before the theatre. We were to see Abigail’s party: a seventies play by Mike Leigh. A real treat with JodyContinue reading “A tale of two Abigails”


A year full of so many things all written about in previous blogs. So many challenges, some wonderful moments, and some scary. What will 2019 hold? Opportunities will present themselves, be taken, enjoyed and faced with love and enthusiasm! That’s it for now-short but sweet. Xxxx