Relatively speaking a full week

Tuesday was busy with a trip to Surrey to visit special people, we arrived home and not long after Joe arrived with River and we enjoyed dinner together. Wednesday and it looks like we’ve got a new car, but have to wait until the 24th March… we had some fun in the garden with River,Continue reading “Relatively speaking a full week”

Paris in the springtime ( not quite)

Friday, an early start to catch Eurostar. The journey was good to St Pancras where we met Elaine and Jane. The weather was clement though chilly. We arrived at Gare du Nord and walked the 25 minutes to our hotel in Montmartre The staff were wonderful, very friendly and we settled ourselves in our rooms.Continue reading “Paris in the springtime ( not quite)”

All roads lead to Rome, but not without a bump

On Wednesday a change in plans for the weekend presented themselves and I was busy arranging accommodation in Rome ( over a 6N weekend). No mean feat, but I did secure some in a religious community near to where my cousin and her husband were staying. This was a huge departure for me staying somewhereContinue reading “All roads lead to Rome, but not without a bump”