Relatively speaking a full week

Tuesday was busy with a trip to Surrey to visit special people, we arrived home and not long after Joe arrived with River and we enjoyed dinner together. Wednesday and it looks like we’ve got a new car, but have to wait until the 24th March… we had some fun in the garden with River, after picking up Nina.

River was picked up by his Nan-Nan and Grandad on Thursday morning, and I drove Nina’s car to get my nails done. After that we watched an interesting play about the flood in 1953 on Canvey Island-it’s plot meandered but it was enjoyable nonetheless

Friday was very busy with Nina packing for her trip to Dubai, us for a trip to Crawley, a visit to the osteopath for me and picking up our hire car. The girls were dropped off at Gatwick and through security etc before we got to Crawley. It was a heart stopping moment to pass the place where we had the accident only a week earlier, but it was good to get that out the way. We enjoyed a convivial evening with a wonderful meal: antipasti, tagine and crumble and trifle. Some bubbles to wash it all down too.

Saturday was a day of rugby and writing. Over the course of the day the six nations concluded with Ireland worthy winners. Jo and I joined a creative writing workshop, which was entertaining and surprising what can be achieved using a random object and a few pertinent questions to then put a short story together. Watch out to see if I use a technique in any future blogs. I will certainly be looking into whether there is anything like this near me. We dined out at the Fox Revived and looked at the itinerary for the cruise later this year, looking at trips and other magical places to frequent.

Sunday morning and a dip in the hot tub was both welcome and restorative, with the warmth and the jets providing relief for my back and side. Jo and I had a lovely chinwag about our mums, memories and motherhood. A scrumptious breakfast followed and I received messages and photos from all three of my children from far and wide.

On our return home Kevin gave me a bag full of goodies from them, put together with thought; a delightful surprise and a card that made me shed a tear or three.

So proud of all the children, doing different things that they enjoy and I can’t wait for us to be together again very soon. It’s certainly been a busy one, and we even booked a little trip away later in the summer to visit somewhere I’ve always wanted to go………

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Life is for living, loving and enjoying all that this world has to offer 💕🍾🌟👠💐🍰🏈🎾🏏🎼✈️

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