New beginnings and goodbyes…..

Me,Sara and Jenny at Harrods

Today we said goodbye to Jenny (far right) after four years at SJP. 

I first met Jenny when she worked at another school and was thrilled when she applied for the job in 2012. 

Duly appointed, she brought so much to the school and students. A real techie and always there with a smile; Sara and I will miss her. 

She has a brilliant opportunity working for Capita and she will be a real asset to them and it is always great to see people develop and flourish! 

It got me thinking about the staff that I have worked with over the 11 years.

Kim and Cyn were there when I joined. Cyn retired in 2011 after a long career at the school, and Kim left to work for ECC where I had worked previously. We were all in one office together and we always had a giggle whilst working.

Kim has flourished and maximised opportunities that have come her way, and today at a meeting, it made my heart sing, that she was lauded as a brilliant help when a school went through the academy conversion process.

Bev joined the school in 2008 and increased her role and responsibilities and is now flying high at an academy in Stanford-Le-Hope. I miss her little quips, especially ‘I think it’s because I nearly died as a baby’!

 I must admit to having a penchant for employing people that display a certain joie de vivre, great fashion style and happy to put up with my, on occasion, ribald comments.
It has been a pleasure to share a small part of their lives and also keep in touch via social media as well as face to face.

We are all richer for knowing each other and I’m sure that there is someone out there ready to start their new beginning with us and all that will entail! 

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