May Day, May Day!….

Traditionally May Day is a distress call, used generally for sea faring emergencies, but our day started with a vehicular kind. 

Jay and Nina had only just left for work when the call was made. Her car was completely dead, and could I get there quickly to take them to work? I wasn’t dressed and didn’t have my lenses in. 

I got ready so quickly I didn’t take my phone or tell Kevin what was going on.

Duly dropped off at work, I returned home to the phone ringing again. This time it was Andrew calling from their new abode. Andrew and Lis told us all about the last few days and it was lovely to hear their joy and enthusiasm. Hopefully piccies will follow soon for me to share. 

Bella, their cat, seems very settled

After that call Kevin and I made our way to where the car was…. Started first time! We drove to their workplace and then drove home. Crisis managed and our list of jobs could be begin. 

We sorted through the designs for the garden, cleaned and tidied the house, mowed the lawn. Phew as we are off tomorrow we can do the rest then! 

Did take a few pics in the garden as it was such a beautiful day! 

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