Term seven

I’ve been reading twitter and other blogs of school business managers/leaders and a few talk of term 7 as a reference to the summer break. A time for us to reflect on the last academic year and enjoy solitude and quiet to get to grips with outstanding jobs: although the fire alarm testing on Wednesday was indeed just that!

As we are four weeks in, the fencing project is well underway, one of my two priorities of a three year budget projection complete, GDPR work still in progress and A Level results day successfully celebrated, I am wearing my spouse hat to mark my husband’s 60th birthday.

Starting today I have a smorgasbord of things planned – and yes I will document these here.

Kevin hates fuss and has been reluctant to embrace any suggestions to celebrate that I have made: yes we had a family party in April but to reach 60 is a privilege that not everyone is granted.

So I will coerce and cajole him along these next few days and fingers crossed he loves what is planned!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. workingsbm says:

    Hope you all enjoy some fab birthday celebrations.


  2. Your followers wait with bated breath to learn of all the ‘surprises’ you have planned!


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