As we approach December

After a swift but delicious breakfast last week we said goodbye to Elaine and spent the rest of the day sort of tidying up, well as much as we can.

Ruby decided to leave her Mark for future residents to find!

Sunday was busy with some family time and Sunday roast at the Bear Inn Stock. It’s so nice to sit down and eat lovely food, and hopefully not too long until we do again in our home.

We made a trip to Maldon and lights were purchased with a flurry on amazon – so with delivery in the coming week we are ready for them to be installed!

We also had Sky installed on Monday and spent a convivial evening with food and choices.

Deliveries Tuesday were exciting after a busy day at work

I was saddened to hear of Gary Rhodes’s passing; a real hero of mine in all things culinary. At 59 he lived to the full, and his family and friends will feel his loss immensely.

The tiling started after my concerns on the colour but this was overcome by reassurances by Stuart.

Thursday and a colleagues birthday and a gift purchased from @pourdiaroma was wrapped and given. It smelled divine so I hope they will be enjoyed!

Friday was a busy day with a long to do list, which I managed to complete apart from the ironing. One circuit keeps tripping out so it’s a major thing to do washing and drying as it’s a complex operation of juggling plugs and extension leads!

Choices again to made and then an early night to be up at three am 😱 for the school trip to Lille Christmas Market.

The weather was lovely, sunny but crisp, the students were great and Lille resplendent, although the market was fairly small.

We arrived home at 9:00 pm I was absolutely shattered, so another early night! I’d love to try another venue next year maybe in Germany!

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Life is for living, loving and enjoying all that this world has to offer 💕🍾🌟👠💐🍰🏈🎾🏏🎼✈️

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