LD 39

Another week has passed, where I haven’t posted on social media as much as usual.

This last week the weather hasn’t been great and it’s been harder, and I’ve been into work four out of five days, unusual and very tiring. I caught up with friends and work colleagues both virtually and in person- strange all round.

Peony blooming in the front garden

We moved furniture last Sunday and I’m pleased with the results. Still so much to do, but lockdown has halted the process for now.

We enjoyed good food and another Greek dish from Nicole.

The peonies are blooming and the rain will no doubt make the garden pop.


The week ahead will provide more information and guidance and this week has been hard having to furlough some staff, prepare pay reviews, review budget so soon into new financial year, look at curriculum budgets, resolve HR issues and still see the school is maintained and ready for reopening to the wider community. My role right now seems lonely and I’m struggling with many things, but at least I have a job, family and friends and the hope of so much to look forward to.


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