LD Day 60 ……

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog and it’s been full of twists and turns.

Three weeks ago we were given unexpected but wonderful news that our youngest son, Joe and his girlfriend, Nicole, were expecting their first baby. We’ve waited until the 12 week scan to share the news…….. so Baby M is due 3rd December

Thanks to Hanane from colourful bites for the wonderful macaroons.

I cannot express the joy and excitement we all have for this life event. A precious new life in a time of uncertainty is such a positive uplift.

It still seems surreal but it’s been such a boost to family and we all are looking forward to meeting this little one.

Joe and Nicole also secured their first home yesterday and plans are now afoot to pack up to move out in mid June. Such exciting times for them to build their new home together and we wish them all the love in the world!

Work has been manic with the working towards reopening. I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs but suffice to say after the 1st June it’s going to be a challenge: managing expectations as well as everything else.

There’s been lots of walking, talking, sun, enjoying the garden, keeping up with family and friends. My sister in law had a big birthday on Monday and we joined a ‘bunny thon’ via zoom. It’s a long story and not mine to tell as to the bunny 🐰 bit, but Jane loved it, and I’m sure that she can look forward to celebrations planned that were cancelled after lockdown ends.

It’s half term now and the weather is looking great so I’m taking some time to relax and enjoy the break. June will be frenetic but the smile on my face will be huge.

The house remodelling has taken a back seat but I’ve had a canvas made for the dining area and a mirror delivered yesterday was to finish that off. Unfortunately the colour isn’t what I thought but I adore the mirror, so, two cans of spray paint have been ordered!

My cousin Jo is getting her Mum’s flat ready to go on the market so is sorting through photos etc. She’s been posting photos of family and the memories that come flooding back of my childhood are wonderous!

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