OH 60 Day 5

Back at work this morning for me, leaving the new sexagenarian at home.

I had to visit the graphic designer/branding consultant and enjoyed the amble through the little gardens in Chelmsford.

Getting home early afternoon there was an unknown car on our drive and I wondered who Kevin had round. He was entertaining 3 ladies! I’d forgotten one his treats was getting the house cleaned! 😂😂 He’d also had an impromptu visit from Jay with some beer from the Billericay Brewing Company.

Next up was a visit from the hairdresser-long overdue at 8 weeks since our last appointment!

I’d booked a table for 5 at a nearby restaurant Vita Bella, I’d been on a couple of occasions, and felt it would be perfect for our celebration, so we gathered there for 7:30.

We had a great time, the food delicious and plentiful. The staff were incredible, when Georgina went to the bathroom a waitress placed a cover over her food and on her return just seemed to come out of thin air to remove it!

Kevin didn’t want any fuss, but was ok with a candle in his dessert! No singing – phew!

It was lovely to talk about favourite holiday memories, places and laughter and tears were never far away, as is customary for us!

I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone, but it was another moment to savour.

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