Some good news…

The last three weeks have been peppered with anxiety, positive thoughts, hope, work challenges and love and support.

Two weeks ago an appointment was made for the breast care unit at Basildon hospital as the doctor still felt there was a lump.

Those 14 days have shown how kind people are, how I over think things and that it is important to have checks to discount the worry and anxiety.

After three mammograms, an ultrasound and three hours my boobs have a clean bill of health! Hurrah!

The relief was immense, and a celebration was to be had.

A curry and a couple of Bombay Smashes certainly helped.

The messages today were overwhelming and have really lifted my spirits, so much so I put up a mirror and shelf in the downstairs loo!

Now to enjoy the build up to Christmas, the start of another year and all that that will bring. 💕💕💕💕💕

3 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s brill. I’ve always got some DIY to be done if your spirits ever need lifting again!


    1. Monica Mommo says:

      It would be a pleasure Bruce!


  2. workingsbm says:

    So pleased to hear about your all clear…and that Bombay Smash looks delicious xx

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