A chance to relax

We are midway through March, this year is going so fast!

Today Georgina and I are having a spa day and we are really looking forward to it!

The challenges over the last few weeks have been exhausting but light is at the end of the tunnel and positive outcomes are aplenty!

The next few weeks/months provide so many wonderful things:

sport-rugby, tennis, cricket

travel- Scotland, Majorca, Italy

friends-Debbie,Jane,Elaine, and many more

music-rip it up, Hamilton

and family

( in no order of preference)!

There are also plans a foot for work on the house, and I will no doubt have to temper my brain’s ideas and vision with a budget ( a bit like a busman’s holiday)!

I appreciate that I am very fortunate in so many ways being able to do the things I love, and I will continue to take the opportunities as they come my way, enjoy and log in the memory bank.

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  1. Exciting times past and to come; yes, we don’t count our blessings as often as we should. Anyway, how’s the ‘must exercise more and drink less’ coming along?


    1. Monica Mommo says:

      Drinking less, exercise more is a struggle with a 50hour working week, although on 40 hours this week 😂
      Trying to walk more at weekends, so tomorrow’s walk to two jets from whitton should help. X

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