Wimbledon 2019

So lucky to be successful in the Wimbledon ballot again-this year Gentleman’s quarter finals on centre court.

A good journey and easy parking made for a great start.

Once safely inside we made our way to The Wingfield where I’d booked lunch-a cheeky treat!

And so after a quick photo opp we made our way to centre court where we were to see Novak Djokovic versus David Goffin.

Great seats five rows from the front. The raw power and expertise to hit the ball time after time still amazes me. Djokovic was supreme.

Next up Roger Federer against Kei Nishkori – an exciting prospect.

At 37 Roger Federer is amazing his deftness of hand, his athleticism is great to watch. Such an elegant player. He lost the first set, but warmed up to pull out every stop, you could see the younger Kei had no answer.

Next up we were treated to Ladies Doubles with a certain Martina Navratilova-a treat it certainly was. At 62 whilst not as springlike as in her prime Martina still has her skill and timing to play great shots, although Cara Black, her partner, was certainly no slouch either.

Camaraderie at the end asking the umpire to take a photo of the four was great to see.

Next the journey home-through London. I love driving through our capital city and I really must sort out a weekend in London and be a ‘tourist’ soon!

Next year the ballot is online for the first time as opposed to a sae for a form. Fingers crossed I still can get tickets, as I love my sojourn to Wimbledon with all the treats that it bestows!

Published by Monica Mommo

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