No rest for the wicked, so I must have been really bad in a previous life……

A week full of challenge and trying to view things differently: not always successfully. I have been so busy at work that I’ve taken less photos and believe it or not interacting less on social media.

Last Sunday was another declutter day, with trips to the local tip and a tidy of the garage.

A real sense of achievement for me, and Kevin sorted for the council to take away an old mattress and freezer #tidyhomegoals

The rest of the week has meant early mornings and late nights, difficult tasks to be completed and trying to eat more healthily.

Not always successfully but I won’t be deterred by this as it will be better for me to accept that it’s just a blip rather than a failure.

There has been list ticking in preparation for the boys trip to Kilimanjaro and by Tuesday the spare bedroom will be that once again and not like a North Face pop up store!

I read a blog last week by a peer and friend about how resilience is featured in a survey on School business managers/leaders as the 2nd attribute required, after financial acumen.

This highlights, IMO, that the role has changed in so many ways, but perhaps not the recognition. It is different for every establishment as are the people within it but it’s hard to have to keep bouncing back quickly only to be knocked down again, just as quickly☹️

Friends, family and colleagues are there for me, and there has been much laughter this week. The weather has been warming which we need to take advantage of as autumn descends with its hazes and mists, the shedding of leaves and colour changes, all part of the cycle so the trees can take stock, recharge and prepare for spring and new growth.

I watched a documentary ‘odd one out’ about a celebrity who was trolled and it provoked an emotional reaction and once again brings back those memories of seeking acceptance and not feeling good enough or worthy. I am 58, loved, employed and have so much to be thankful for, so I need to banish these thoughts, accept me for who I am and get on with living, loving my life. 💕

I ordered these melts and they smell so beautiful, especially bedtime baby bath, so evocative of those special times when the kiddiewinks were babies. Smell, taste, music and colours can lift my mood and these melts will certainly be fully used to that effect in the coming weeks. Perhaps I should use autumn to take stock, recharge and prepare myself for new growth too🤗😘

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Life is for living, loving and enjoying all that this world has to offer 💕🍾🌟👠💐🍰🏈🎾🏏🎼✈️

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