It’s not what we have, but who we have in our lives that matter…….

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with our niece, nephew and their son, great to chat, laugh and enjoy time together.

Joe was here for a short while and Nina for longer and I was grateful that they were with us.

Just after they left Nina came downstairs to say that Caroline Flack had died. Caroline was an actress, a successful tv presenter, and winner of SCD. She had enjoyed celebrity and non celebrity romances, with many lines written about wrongs, rights and most recently, the troubled issues before Christmas.

This resulted in her stepping down from her job and no contact with her current boyfriend.

These last few weeks must have impacted further on her, very probably, fragile mental health. I have no doubt that friends and family were there, but it’s what’s going on in your head that makes it so hard to cope.

She was beautiful, had money, was good at her job, had worked hard to get there, and there are so many others that aren’t famous that take their lives daily too. It is vital that we all have/find inner peace.

We must all think twice about what we write, and say to others. We need to reflect on how that would feel if we were the recipient of those words/actions.

We never truly know what is going on in other people’s lives, how some wear a mask to cope, nor how some find the strength to carry on whilst others take a permanent decision, chosen in despair in a temporary moment. (Accredited to Susie Susie).

No one deserves to feel that alone.

There should be no blame apportioned to anyone.

Life is a precious gift, we need to respect differences, embrace life with all it’s facets. Life can be tough, throw curved balls, but it can provide a rich and varied sweetness if we stop searching for perfection, be content, don’t compare, accept that we can change how we react and feel about things, just be, enjoy the seasons, our friends, and family.

I have just finished a course of counselling, provided by my workplace as whilst my work wasn’t impacted, I knew from summer last year ( longer to be honest, but kept dismissing it) that I was struggling with a variety of things. It was a rollercoaster which midway through were tearful, gut wrenching sessions, but I have realised that I can’t save/rescue people. That we are captains of our own ship. By reflecting on a few key questions I now write down what I feel: cathartic on its own, but also a point of reference. I feel I’ll always have these struggles but I have love in my life and my family see the signs before I do and help me.

Social media can be great and we can make friends with people we may never meet. We can be supportive, non judgemental and enjoy sharing experiences and ideas.

The picture perfect photos are a snapshot in time, not real life and I know that, but for some that is the reality they seek and it can be devastating when that isn’t so.

The evening ended speaking to Andrew and Lis in Australia, hearing their news and Kevin updating them on the roads being dug up! I am so looking forward to seeing them over Easter ( Andrew and Lis-not the roads)

A few more photos of special people, not exhaustive as some don’t like their picture being taken

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