Tasks to do…

The snow started to fall last Sunday and as always seems the case, whilst forecast we all don’t quite believe it!

Monday morning and I made the decision early to work from home as the roads would not be gritted sufficiently.

Unexpectedly the glass for the dressing room was delivered as was Georgina’s bed: the drivers both said that main roads were fine but off those it was like a skating rink.

Tuesday and a surveyor regarding our blinds was to visit, measure and take away to cut, but all that was needed was a change of fixing so all five done!

Although temperatures were not above 0 it appeared that there was sufficient thawing to try to get to work on Wednesday.

I allowed time to clear as much snow as possible and cautiously moved off the drive, slowly, once I had traversed the two side roads I was on the main road, but the car wouldn’t go above 5 mph. Vehicles behind me grew impatient so I abandoned the car safely and walked home. Luckily I was wearing wellies and not my usual high heels! Don’t know why it just wouldn’t accelerate so another day working from home, but I had governors’ meetings that night and all my prep/documents were at school.

Thursday, I made it in and the car was fine (hubby had collected it later on Wednesday). I managed to get on top of tasks from the previous night’s meetings and think about what I could do from home in half term. It was my Dad’s 88th birthday and I managed to speak to him, although he is still awaiting treatment for his vocal chord palsy so is unable to talk back. My sister and I also spoke with him later in the evening. We are all struggling with not being able to see each other, it’s particularly hard for my parents, everyone is feeling the strain, but hopefully for not too much longer.

Friday was a day away from the screen for students, as we had many activities in and out of school, one being a bake off. It was great to talk to the students and see their creations coming to life. Some of them were from the group of students I looked after in Lille, so it was good to catch up with them.

Just randomly checked the info link in the afternoon to find out that our budget has been published for next year. It looks like we will be able to balance the books for another year, with the next three looking sustainable too. I will spend some time looking at this in more detail next week.

Yesterday meant an early start to chores, and finishing touches, from an extensive list to complete throughout the next week. Pipe covers for the radiators are now in situ, painting Kevin’s Nan’s footstool and some cooking were yesterday’s ticks. I also chose the fabric for the reupholstery too.

Rugby yesterday was full of twists and turns, quite literally, with England and Wales both victorious. Sadly, Scotland’s indiscipline was their undoing, a close match with only 1 point between the teams, but a loss is a loss. Today is bound to be a cracker between Ireland and France!

Fingers crossed for more clement weather this week and that when we return on 22nd we can begin preparations for opening to more students from the 8th March.

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