Testing times

Nearly four weeks have passed, with an easing of lockdown, and another from Monday. We have enjoyed seeing River and he is growing and changing so much. Such a happy, content wee man.

We’ve been to visit another household, which was so lovely and met my sister’s new puppy, Dora. She’s a black cockerpoo and delightful! I’ve met up with my dear friend Debbie outside too.

The final game of the six nations was Scotland v France and a historic win in Paris for Scotland meant Wales lifted the trophy for a spectator-less tournament. Let’s hope we can go next year.

It’s been the Easter break these last two weeks and the busiest time of the year for me what with year end and a new budget to be created. Both completed which has afforded a much needed sojourn for card making, cooking and a small amount of cleaning!

The weather has been very changeable but we’ve enjoyed the warmth and the snow in equal measure. The garden is beginning to pop and I’m planning some additions and improvements over the coming weeks.

I’ve upped my mojo re little touches around the house since work was completed and it’s great bringing a flavour of the family, where we’ve come from and where we’ve been around our home. Memories really are a gift.

And so I finish on the testing times over these last few weeks, yes twice weekly lateral flow tests to be done at home. They don’t take long and results take up to 30 minutes. Over 4k tests in school and so far not a single positive. Let’s hope we keep it that way!

I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by, hopefully we will get news soon regarding my mum’s op: she has a phone consultation on a Star Wars date. 🤞🏻

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