Exciting times ahead

I have spent the last few months (the last year really) wrestling with a decision. And the Easter break gave me the impetus to go for it, so decision made. I handed in my resignation on Monday to retire this summer. The relief was palpable and instant.

I’ve been associated with the school for 22 years, supporting the school as a peripatetic finance technician from 1999 to 2005, after which I was employed in the role of Bursar. The role has changed both in title and responsibility, increased hugely over the years, and I am proud of what the role has given the school and me, but now is the time for a new chapter and the challenge of retirement.

This last year has been hard on us all, but the business of running a school, even with few students and staff in situ, still has to be carried out and maintained. Bills still need paying, goods etc still to be ordered, contracts managed and renegotiated, staff are still paid, capital projects still go ahead, Governor meetings, bank reconciliations, and LA reporting. The additional covid related tasks were many and just had to be absorbed into routines, difficult conversations, furloughing staff to name a few. There was little respite and over the last year with my parents health concerns and our grandson’s arrival, I feel now is the time to take stock and think of me, my family and what is next.

I am under no illusion that the next few months will be a challenge in itself, as I hand over but this will provide me with comfort too.

It’s strange to think I will not return in September, but it is also exciting. I want to travel, do things outside my comfort zone, hone skills I already have, learn to make macaroons, cook in Tuscany, paint, spend precious time with loved ones. I want to be more fearless, take some risks and be fulfilled, with less stress. I may even change the name of my blog or start a new one as my new chapter unfolds.

I’m excited and looking forward with a big grin on my face!

Published by Monica Mommo

Life is for living, loving and enjoying all that this world has to offer 💕🍾🌟👠💐🍰🏈🎾🏏🎼✈️

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