March is here

The last four weeks have been so full of wonderful places to visit, some I’ve never been to before after living here for 36 years in March. we’ve celebrated Joe’s 30th birthday, made an addition to the garden, I’ve made cards, done some painting, and tried out a few new recipes.

The recent storms were frightening but luckily we escaped relatively unscathed, just a couple of fence panels lost. As our neighbour has a garden business hopefully these will be replaced soon.

There’s been some sad news about former colleagues, emphasising that life is short and to take opportunities as they arise. I have been surprised by how I do not miss working, and how easy it has been to establish a new routine. Getting up later, going where we want, when we want, not having to wait until the weekend to do things.

We have a new member of our extended family, a little girl, and we can’t wait to meet her. I do hope it’s soon to revel in the newborn stage.

With travel restrictions to Australia lifted we will see how best to facilitate either visiting or Andrew to visit us. it’s been 4+ years since we’ve visited and there’s so many parts still to visit.

March and April will be very busy and we will be travelling abroad for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I do hope it will be not too strange and that we can sort out any necessary paperwork with ease.

A theatre trip beckoned last a Thursday with a weekend of rugby and family enjoyed

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