Four weeks have just flown by

These last four weeks I have travelled to Brighton, Barnsley, Arbroath and back again. Days out with River, Easter and birthday celebrations as well as walking as much as I can.

On Thursday we attended Marion’s ( Kevin’s step mum) funeral, 33 years to the day her beloved John, at the same crematorium.

There were so many people there, colleagues, friends new and old. The extended family, some of which we hadn’t seen for years. It was a privilege to be there and to celebrate her life. Her daughters and sister delivered such beautiful eulogies that left us in no doubt as to how loved and revered she was. A friend read a poem which gave thanks that Marion was in our lives, and will always remain. She was loving, open and had the capacity to go on in the face of much adversity. Marion loved her family with a passion, and that never faltered.

Seeing her coffin, red and sparkly being brought in by one son in law and her grandchildren was so moving. The music chosen had such meaning for those there and the pictures showed the stunning beauty which was both inside as well as out.

She will be sorely missed but she has given us, all who knew her, strength to go on.

On a personal note I first met Marion in June 1981, when I had a baptism of fire to meet family, and cricket chums in one weekend. The table was full of new faces and heaving with food. From this first meeting to Kevin’s proposal was five weeks. She asked me did I like cricket, or would l learn to like it. She said it was Kevin’s life and if I couldn’t learn to love it, then forget him. So I threw myself into the cricket life by learning to do the scoring.

There are many stories that we shared one of which was the phone call a couple of weeks before I got married whereby she told me that she had bought the similar outfit to my ‘going away’ outfit. I loved her glamour, her sense of fun and that she lived life to the fullest, as it should be


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