Celebrations, coronations and a couple of breaks.

A busy fortnight where we have spent time with River, celebrated the coronation of King Charles III, visited family, I’ve visited friends, family, cooked, tidied, watched cricket, rugby and had some tests and scans after my February rib/back injury has not improved.

Lake Meadows goslings

Both our sisters have celebrated wedding anniversaries: one sapphire, one silk. Warmest congratulations to both couples ❤️

Mum enjoyed the Coronation celebrations and had a full weekend of catching up with friends and family. Unfortunately, on Tuesday, she had a fall resulting in a broken femur quite high up. She is now the owner of some medical steel rods, and still in hospital receiving physio and being assessed for the next steps ( no pun intended). Hopefully she will recuperate well and I can confirm that her humour remains intact. Elaine is up in Scotland to facilitate the transitions and support required.

I enjoyed a break with Debbie, where we stayed in a lovely hotel, enjoyed good food, especially the Balti. I caught up with cousins on Friday evening and another on Saturday in Chipping Norton for breakfast. Debbie and I also visited Coughton Court, which was a delightful NT property, with beautiful gardens and two churches on site. Debbie learned about priest holes, which was something she’d never heard of before. ( benefit of a catholic education that I knew about them)

After breakfast Debbie and I travelled to the Stone X stadium to watch Saracens beat Northampton Saints in the Gallagher Premiership semi final. Great for me to Sean Maitland score two tries. Enjoyed the few days away, where we did talk, sing and laugh a lot too.

I brought this book to read, which I found really helpful. I’ve already decluttered but what it highlighted was that it is an ongoing process, so I’ll be refining that over the next few months utilising some of her ideas and tips.

Finally, proud mum moment, as Joe had his third boxing match last night, and whilst I couldn’t attend I was still anxiously awaiting the outcome. He won on points, which I was so pleased and proud of, as despite all his many responsibilities he trained so hard for this. Well done to Joe and his supporters: #Pop, Pop, Bang.

The next couple of weeks are getting ready for some antipodes visitors, with a sojourn to the theatre, and hopefully some test results.

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