Four weeks into 2017 and it has flown by.  I’ve been busy with work, and socially. Learnt how to make a box, made cards, caught up with dear friends, had Jay’s dad stay for a couple nights. I’ve also singed my  hair, been to the cinema and booked a holiday.  I have also been adaptingContinue reading “Reliance”


Almost two weeks into 2017, and no ofsted this year. Unfortunately so many people seem to have this nasty bug going around and it has meant visits have had to be cancelled, one in particular to see Bella!  But rather than be too disappointed, I have taken the time freed up to get other thingsContinue reading “Positives…”


It has been a wonderful year full of surprises with lots of sport to enjoy, but tinged with great sadness too with the loss of a very dear friend and a work colleague. I have written about the majority of the highs throughout the year and there have been moments of reflection too. The lastContinue reading “2016!”


Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life – for example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam, or having a medical test or job interview. Sometimes it can overwhelm you andContinue reading “Anxiety…..”

What a wonderful world….

What a weekend it’s been. We’ve certainly had fireworks in more ways than one!  A few months ago I saw on Facebook an ad for a gin festival in Brighton and booked 4 tickets. It was for the 5th November and little did I know then that Isabella McIntosh would arrive on that day, allContinue reading “What a wonderful world….”

Eight weeks until Christmas……..

Where has this year gone? We are 5/6th into this year with eight weeks to go until Christmas. With this in mind I have used my time off this week starting preparations and have even bought a few presents! There is still lots to do, and with nine for dinner on Boxing Day I willContinue reading “Eight weeks until Christmas……..”

Rollercoaster ride

The last eight weeks have felt like a rollercoaster ride, although I’m not a fan of them in reality. Little did I know that I would have the surprise of my life within that time, and share it with so many family.  Kevin and I enjoyed a wonderful week in Portugal with Viv and Don,Continue reading “Rollercoaster ride”

Holiday….celebrate! 💕💕

After the surprise visit from Australia, we were fortunate to have booked the end of September/beginning of October to holiday with Viv and Don in Portugal.  Perfect timing and with our Wedding Anniversary on the Sunday also a chance to celebrate. We arrived on the Friday and were met at Faro airport. A whistle stopContinue reading “Holiday….celebrate! 💕💕”


After a tumultuous fortnight I wanted to write about the second week of Andrew and Lis’s visit. I have viewed this as a blessing and looked up the definition of the word The last one encapsulates it all. I have been brought so much happiness: seeing family together, enjoying the surprise and also the blossomingContinue reading “Blessings……”

I smelt a rat, and now the cat is out the bag……

I am quite a prolific sharer on social media, so this last week not to be able to share has been hard for me! Five months in the planning, Kevin, Elaine and Jay and a few others had been in cahoots to pull off a wonderful surprise. Over those last few months, Kevin has beenContinue reading “I smelt a rat, and now the cat is out the bag……”

A new academic year

I’m not going to lie, it’s always a struggle to prepare for the start of a new academic year.  I do work in school closure, but it is a far more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Tuesday saw my first full day and it was tough!  Evening relaxing with the family in the garden helped!  ThursdayContinue reading “A new academic year”

Holiday …celebrate

My husband , Kevin, and I have enjoyed a wonderful week away. We stayed in the UK staying in Birmingham, Alnwick,Arbroath and Durham.  We were lucky with the weather and thoroughly enjoyed our time away. We have had good food, a drink or two and it does amaze me that after knowing each other forContinue reading “Holiday …celebrate”


I love to take photos through windows, especially ones that can frame the vista.  The first picture is from within the Scottish Parliament building and I don’t feel the slats detract from the view.  The second one is too from the SP and I love the chairs in the foreground as it shows that itContinue reading “Frame”

“Triumph” — Turn Up the Contrast

At a friend’s wedding the place cards were slate hearts with the guests name on them-a lovely touch!  I love a wedding –  love, the dreams and the future ahead for the couple, and their families.  So with this in mind, I view my marriage and motherhood as my greatest personal triumphs. Everything else palesContinue reading ““Triumph” — Turn Up the Contrast”