The first of three weddings in 2018

Yesterday we attended the first of three weddings we have in 2018. Kevin and I made our way to Royston and checked into our hotel to change into our finery! I took three outfits and two pair of tights, both which ran as soon as I carefully put them on, resulting in a bare leggedContinue reading “The first of three weddings in 2018”


This last year has been well documented by me, but I will post a few photos here too! As is the way, there has been highs (many) and lows (few), but that is life. How we cope with the lows is the important thing, with support of family and friends. Reading through my blogs forContinue reading “2017”

Photo Challenge 2017

Wow what a year! Engagements, big birthdays and anniversaries! I’ve visited some wonderful places, seen some amazing cricket and rugby. Met some fantastic people and had precious time with my family and friends! Just awesome, and with 3 weddings in 2018 and one to prepare for in 2019 possibly, I’m just so full of excitement!