Day after Boxing Day

A trip to Harrods on Saturday 18th with Georgina was, as always, so enjoyable. The store was busy which was surprising with what had been in the news recently. After travelling to Scotland and back in two days, Christmas prep began in earnest and with River for two days it was busy, but fun too.

I did lots of cooking including making a clootie dumpling as Dad did ( I’ve still not got it right – I need a bigger pan that can be used on an induction hob!) and before we knew it Christmas Eve was upon us, everything prepped and table set for the big day. I attended Mass with Mum which was like days of old. Home to enchiladas and some finishing touches.

Presents were exchanged, thoughtful and emotional raising of glasses for those not with us. Much later in the evening we moved furniture as with 9 for dinner on Sunday we needed the table extended. We all mixed in and we retired to bed.

Our guests arrived just after 1:30pm and it was an enjoyable chilled morning. After drinks and catching up and with Dora and River settled, dinner was served. River was so good in his high hair, eating his dinner, and I was so busy I didn’t get any photos at all really. Dora was also very good, especially after her trip to the vets on Christmas Day.

Today has so far been spent taking it very easy. All the furniture has to be rearranged and everything put away. It was a wonderful few days, with memories and moments to cherish. I hope that extended family and friends have had a Merry Christmas. I looked back on last year’s post and I wrote about our bonds as a family, this year they were tested to the utmost, and to end on a few days of such joy is what it is all about.

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