Keeping abreast of things-a serious post for me

This last week has been full of so many things, it’s where to start. Sunday saw Georgina and I caught up in a bomb scare at Bluewater, a frightening experience in itself, but at least a false alarm. I was surprised at how my mother hen came to the fore, and my imperative was toContinue reading “Keeping abreast of things-a serious post for me”

The Greatest Showman…

It’s my Mum’s birthday today and my sister posted a newspaper cutting from 1958 when she won the title of Queen of Arbroath. She was chosen by Charlie Chaplin out of 50 entrants! After sending birthday wishes I had an early appointment for my biannual mammogram: never something I particularly look forward to, but hasContinue reading “The Greatest Showman…”